Today is the first day of the 2016 hurricane season


3 Quick Tips for the 2016 Hurricane Season


It’s never too early to start getting things in order…


QUICK TIP 1  Fix all of the little things that are broken.  That loose verandah railing.  The gate with the hanging hinge.  The dangling outdoor light fixture.  A little attention will help to keep them affixed during any high winds.


QUICK TIP 2  Before you toss, stash.  Stash away those worn towels and sheets as you freshen up your linens for the summer.  They will come in handy for covering any furnishings or cleaning up water leaks.


QUICK TIP 3  Shop around for house insurance.  Now’s a good time to review your current house insurance policy and compare with other companies for the best deal for you and your keepsakes.

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