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35 Tips That Worked for Me During Hurricane Gonzalo


1.  Raise window screens a bit – before you lock windows – to let water run off window sill.

2.  Plug up cable holes in the walls.

3.  Doors not boarded up?  Secure sliding doors with 2x4s cut to fit doors snugly.

4.  Have plenty of towels on hand.

5.  Prep very early.

6.  Park car between high hedges, hedge and house, or in a secured
covered parking area.

7.  Have fantastic guys ready to board up!

8.  Have everything (towels, flashlight, hammer, plastic, etc) laid out ad ready to grab, if needed.

9.  Fill cooler and tub.

10.  Fill plastic bags with water and freeze to create ice (last longer than bags of ice).

11.  Buy plenty of batteries.

12.  Use chafing dishes and sternos to heat up food that was cooked and
refrigerated beforehand.

13.  Remove mailbox top and outdoor entry light covers.

14.  Move outdoor plants inside.

15.  If doors start to squeak and flex, secure the door, prop the track with towels, vacate the room, and close the room’s door.

16.  Close all windows and keep closed.

17.  Have boardgames, music, and books on hand.

18.  Have 2-4 backup phone batteries to stay in touch with family and friends.

19.  Pack countertop items away (in closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc).

20.  Limit phone conversations; text more to increase battery life.

21.  Cover car securely (lasted until the eye passed :)) or
plastic wrap like Bernews pic.

22.  Move heavy furniture in front of doors, cover with plastic and sheets.

23.  Secure gates/fences (I tied mine in open position to a hedge) to prevent flapping/breakage.

24.  For wooden sash windows, I installed 1/2 a clothes peg in between the sashes to help minimize the clatter/vibration.

25.  Try to sleep well the night before as you’ll need your
strength during/after the storm 🙂

26.  The eye is very eery!  A good time to check your supplies and try to catch a short nap and relax before round 2!

27.  Seal your tub drain with a sealant to prevent a slow leak out of the tub.

28.  Clean and sort through clothes and papers to help pass time.

29.  Have more than one bucket.

30.  Use small pots and trash cans to dip water for toilet flushing.

31.  Double check all locks.

32.   Check for leaks and drafts around windows and doors  (one of my door locks came loose and my door began to open!).

33.  Change sliding door handles to keyed entry for more security.

34.  Don’t ride out the storm alone.  Many hands make light work.

35.  Great neighbors who kept me abreast throughout the storm and were at my door the moment the storm passed!
God bless you all!


Thank God for His mercy!

May you continue to help others who may not have come through the storm as smoothly as you.

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