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4 Ways To Reduce Electricity Costs While Working From Home


Has your electricity bill increased since the start of the pandemic?  Yikes, right?!
When you travel to work, your home is ‘resting’, for the most part.
• Lights are off
• A/C isn’t running
• Appliances aren’t in use (other than your refrigerator)
• Televisions, sound systems, and the like are in ‘off’ mode

When you are working from home, a lot changes!
• Visiting the fridge for multiple ‘breaks’
• The heat beaming through your windows prompts you to blast the A/C for the next few minutes
• You’ve upped your water intake, so have your bathroom visits
• You try multitasking to get things done around the house – doing the laundry, prepping meals, charging the family cell phones, replying to emails, washing the car, etc.

You probably didn’t realize how even your slightest action – and inactivity, while at home, triggers an increase in cost.

How can you minimize an increase in your electricity bill while you are working from home during the warm months?


Moving from room to room too often increases heat.  Your body generates heat when you move.  As you move, the temperature within each room adjusts, too.  Often, a person’s automatic response is to open a window, turn on a fan, or the most popular – turn on the A/C and set to the coldest level to ‘quickly’ cool a room.

Instead, try limiting your mobility to one section of your house.  Convert your bedroom or a den to your workspace for the day.  Take your breaks, eat your lunch outdoors, in the shade (with the front door closed).  Limiting your movement helps to keep the rest of the house in ‘rest’ mode, as if you weren’t even home.




Opening and closing your fridge and freezer frequently actually causes it to work harder, use more energy
So, instead of making frequent ‘open-shut’ visits throughout the day, try creating a mini fridge using a cooler and block ice (or frozen water-filled bottles or bags) to house your lunch and beverages. 

At the end of the day, use the melted ice to feed your plants or wash your car.




Cold and hot showers both have great health benefits.  Why end with a cold shower?  Simple.  A cooler body means less heat.  Less heat means less energy.  Less energy means greater savings. 
Yes, a cold shower can affect your electricity costs.

Not only is your water heater burning less energy but your body is giving off less heat which means your environment is cooler, too.  Think about it – compare times when you are in a room by yourself or with a few people compared to a space with a lot of people.  You feel the heat, right?

Try starting your day with a hot shower and ending with a cold one. 




Natural light is needed and has great benefits to our overall health.  Venture outdoors to enjoy it during your breaks.  While indoors, consider closing your curtains and/or blinds enough to allow enough light in to work well yet enough to be kept out to keep your workspace, your home as cool as possible. 

Think about it.

When you used to return home from a long day at work, you probably noticed a difference in your home, especially if you were stuck in traffic in the heat or have a long drive home.  If you closed your shutters, curtains, and/or blinds before you left in the morning, you will often find your home rather cool at the end of the day. 

If you left your windows and doors ‘uncovered’ for the light to beam in all day long, then your experience may have been a little different.  And, your first reaction upon entry may have been to find the A/C remote and set it to the lowest temperature and highest speed ASAP.  tip: close the blinds/curtains/shutters, first, then turn on the A/C to a higher temperature at a medium fan speed, for if/when you return to work-from-office mode.  Watch your room cool quicker while minimizing the expense.




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