About Us

Welcome to Platinum Realty – we hope you stay a while.

Based in Bermuda, Platinum Realty is a top real estate agency with a team bringing over 20 years of experience – constantly providing services to clients around the world.  It’s current broker, Tamika Todd, has helped to deepen and broaden this growing firm’s portfolio of success.


Why Choose Platinum Realty

We are not your ordinary realtors.
Our focus is not on commissions — no — but on catering to the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in incorporating our financial knowledge, coupled with real estate experience, in our client services.


Platinum Realty, a recipient of the Best of Bermuda award and The Bermudian Product and Service award, successfully provides these two key sectors of experience quite well; this is why we exceed expectations with our quality service.


Our Services

Platinum Realty offers services such as:

• Property sales and rentals

• Property management

• Property investment

• Vacation rentals

• Real estate consulting

• Small business assistance (real-estate connected)

• Provision of educational real estate resources such as webinars, e-books, classes, and guides


Why Platinum Realty Stands Out

Many real estate agencies sell or rent a property (just for the commission).

Platinum Realty begs to differ.
We believe in aligning clients and customers with the right real estate investment for them and their expressed needs and desires.

We also believe in the enlightenment of the client. This is why we publish editorials for news outlets and sites such as realtor.com.
In addition, we conduct informative seminars and try our best to give back to the community via free or heavily discounted services.


At Platinum Realty, we care about your real estate goals. Contact us today to know how we can help you.

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