We get it.  Things happen. 


This bill pops up.  That issue arises. 


The next thing you know, your yearly goal to start saving for the down payment to purchase real estate fades a bit more.


Here are 5 reasons to automate savings:

Bills occur every month. They don’t stop.  So, before a new bill arrives and needs your attention, set aside your savings first.

Memory loss = Savings loss.  When you don’t have to think about it, you’re not going to forget to save.

Every penny counts.  Automatically saving as low as $20 per week or even per month adds up over time.  The total sum in little time may be used to ward paying your closing costs or other costs you forgot to budget for.

Quickly build up savings when the regular deductions are automated.

At the end of a quarter/year, you may then use the automated savings toward an investment that will return a higher rate of interest.


How may I do this, Platinum Realty?
Start with setting up a standing order, an arrangement with a trusted family member/friend to make regular deposits on your behalf, or have the deductions made by your employer.

The key is to start saving and to start saving now!


Platinum Realty – I need help getting started.  Can you help me?
No problem.  Contact us at info@platinumrealty.bm and we may schedule an in-person strategy session to help you get started.


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