It’s cozy-up time!

I love this weather!

I love curling up in front of a fireplace too!

The smell of the burning wood.

The crackling.

The orange and yellow flames.

It’s all serene to me.

Add to it a cuddle buddy, a movie or soft music, and hot chocolate – oh, yeah!

What’s not serene is a smokey fireplace, weird burning smells, and putting my health at risk.

Before other flames can be lit, let’s make sure that the (wood-burning) fireplace is all set.

Check out 10 fireplace cleaning tips, courtesy of Bob Villa.

Click here

Happy (clean) cuddling!

FYI – If you have a gas fireplace, click here for things to look out for and check regularly.

OUR OWN TIP FOR YOU: Check your fireplace screen for wear and tear.  No need for a fire extinguisher or emergency room moment 🙁

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