Which is going to win the internal war:
FOMO or Your Rent?


Fear Of Missing Out can be the death of many.
And, this summer’s lineup of events is not making the decision-making any easier!

I mean, gosh.  You have Bermuda Carnival events starting the summer off.  Let’s do a quick tally:

Carnival costume (starting at $200, roughly)
Makeup ($150, or thereabouts for the ladies; trade the makeup for early morning paint party in the Park for the fellas)
All of the events leading up to Carnival ($500 for about 5 events should do it because you have to show your face in the place, of course!)
Outfits for the events (say $200 for that white party, private party, and all other parties you ‘must’ attend)

Over a $1,000…that sounds about right.


Oh; don’t forget the other events:

Buju – $125 (if you hurry!)
Wine day parties – $100
Fight Night – $75 (in the nosebleed section; but, hey – at least you’re there, right?)
Bermuda Fashion Festival – $225 (as you must be there to show your support for local talent at every show)

So, let’s see.  What’s the tally now?

Yup.  that sounds about right.

So.  Which is it going to be – attend your FOMO affairs or pay your rent?


Summer is truly a fabulous time here!
Even better is being able to go home after you’ve enjoyed some of the affairs and know that your key still works!


Here are a few simply ways to help you keep that apartment while you flex this summer:

TIP #1
Forget the $200 plus carnival costume this year.  Meet up with your friends at the after-party instead.

TIP #2
Share the cost of expenses.  Need a makeup artist for carnival?  Enquire about a group rate for you and your 5 friends.  Buy food and beverages in bulk and split the cost amongst your party mates.

TIP #3
Plan to attend say two or three of the ten events this summer instead.

TIP #4
Shop in your closet. A new event does not have to mean a new outfit.  

TIP #5
The best thing about summer is hanging out with the people you love.  An impromptu gathering in the backyard may bring about more good moments and memories than the expense of trying to attend every event this summer.


Be money-wise this summer.
Balancing your money management habits and having a good time this summer doesn’t have to be an ‘either or’ decision.  With a few changes here and there, you can experience both.


Happy summer!


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