Buying a house is a great achievement for many!

So many emotions run through the process and then to finally know that while you’ve signed the dotted line, it’s an amazing feeling!

With this major life decision, comes many lifelong decisions that have to be made along the way.

The best way to tackle these decisions is before they arrive.

A good friend of mine reminded me of the need to budget for not only unexpected expenses but also for expenses that you know will occur.

For example, your house needs to be painted, your roof needs to be tended to, and minor household appliances also need maintenance.  Staying on top of such taks help to prolong their life and keep more major issues at bay.

So here are seven (7) simple tips to stay on top of these intended and unintended expenses:

1. Clean the filters of your vacuum at least once a month. This helps it to last longer.  Don’t forget to clean teh attachments and hoses so the suction can be as strong as when you first purchased it, or as close as possible.

2. Consider purchasing the necessary extras such as covers for outdoor equipment. This is especially needed if they are stored outdoors in inclement weather. 

3. Cleaning your oven regularly, for example twice a month, will help on many levels. Lingering smells, bacterial growth, and insects will be kept at bay.

4. Cleaning out your fridge and freezer at least 3 to 4 times a year is a must. My plumber indicated this to me when I had an issue with the ice-maker in my refrigerator one time. He advised that when we overstock our freezer it actually makes our refrigerator work harder than it should, preventing the necessary airflow.  This leads to unnecessary issues, as I found out!  So if you’re looking to stock up on various freezer items, it may be best to purchase a separate freezer to store such items.

5. Keep a eye on the seams of your windows and doors. When you start to see condensation setting in, this is usually an indicator that the seals around the perimeter of your windows and doors have a crack or leak somewhere. It’s best to call your window and door contractor to come and have a look to make sure that it’s nothing major or catch it before it gets worse where you need to consider replacement.

6. Ceiling fans. These are one of the major dust collectors in or homes!  They can negatively affect one’s health especially if persons suffer from allergies. Getting an extended duster to clean them at least once a month during the autumn and winter months and at least three times a month during the spring and summer months will help to keep reactions to allergies at bay and keep your interior air clean.

7. Ventilation. This is important!  If you live in a climate that suffers from high humidity such as many Iisland locations, this is a must! Major negative effects of failing to ventilate a home can include mold growth, uplifting of tiled flooring, constant paint peeling, and more.  So, as you can see, ventilating your home regularly is a must.  Air-conditioning is not going to always cut it.  Turning on ceiling fans and opening windows and doors, particularly on breezy will help any moisture to be removed from the property. Also, having natural sunlight shining to your room is key to help dry out this excess moisture as well. So make sure that you have enough windows and doors where natural sunlight can enter and do it’s job. This is key for new builds as well.


We hope these key tips help you to stay ahead of the household management game.

If you would like a custom household management plan for your unique home, click here to schedule a personal consultation.  We are here to help make owning a home an enjoyable and manageable experience for you.


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