Sooo, what had happened….

Let’s just cut to the chaff.  I was not feeling it, in the moment.

It was hot.  I didn’t want to head to town to get a new one.  So, I grabbed the duct tape and tried to secure an already wobbly rake handle to attempt to clear up the mess made.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out the way I thought.

Pause.  I love to work outdoors with my plants.  It brings me joy (plus a good cardio workout too!)!  That’s where the rake enters the story.  Now, back to the story.

What should’ve taken me 30 minutes ended up taking me over six hours and cost me over $480!

No; I didn’t purchase a rake for $480.

The time spent to rectify my issue equated to that – or, maybe more!

Here’s how my non-proactive moment cost me.

Client meeting postponed – $300
Car gas to dash to town and search for a rake (which I didn’t find that day!) – $20
Hired a landscaper last-minute to clean up for guests – $145
Car gas to return to town and find a new rake – $15
Actual rake – $20
My time – 6+ hours!

What should I have done?  Simple. Be proactive and plan ahead!

  1. Tend to issues when first noticed.
  2. Stay in my lane; repairing rakes is not my forte! 
    A simple call to the landscaper or carpenter would’ve solved the repair issue sooner with them trimming the handle and inserting a new screw. Done.
  3. Called around to see if local stores stocked the rakes before dashing out to find one.
  4. Schedule to have landscaping completed 3-7 days prior to arrival of any guests
  5. With these above tips, I could’ve kept my appointment and fulfilled my landscaping needs

So; there you have it.

Often, we overlook how our TIME costs us.  We tend to look at a declining bank account or the bills in our wallet decreasing as a gauge.  Our time, however, is the best indicator of cost and our management – or the lack thereof – of it.

Our last post talked about Household Expense Management. 

How are you making out with managing the needs of your household?

It can be a bit tricky and some costs may be overlooked or forgotten about until they actually occur.

Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation to help you craft an Household Expense Management plan that’s just right for you. 

Click here to get started.

Share with your community – your family members, co-workers, and neighbours – seeking to better understand how Time IS Money.





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