Hurricane Prep, Bermuda


While still in recovery from a strong tropical storm
(though some think it was an actual hurricane!),
we need to be battening down pretty quickly this week!


3 Quick Hurricane Prep ~ Bermuda-style Tips


1.  Purchase plastic shower curtains.  Yes, shower curtains.
Cover your interior furniture and rugs securely that are close to windows/doors or in areas that are apt to having possible roof damage.  While you have the help, push dressers, couches, etc up against your suspect doors to help apply pressure and minimize any rattling/door buckling.
After the storm, you may always put the curtains to use.


2. Got meat?  Cook and eat before Thursday night.
A pre-hurricane cookout sounds good 🙂  There’s nothing worse than no electricity and the smell of rotting meat saturating your home during the storm.
Can’t eat it all?
Freeze as much as possible while you can and warm it up over a charcoal grill during cleanup the next day and share with your neighbors.  Don’t forget to invite your four-legged friend to the cookout too!


3.  Charge up and stock up.  Before you head home after work on Thursday, pop by Leisure Time and stock up on the latest dvds to tide you over through the night and during clean up breaks until your cable/satellite TV/Netflix is up and running again.  Don’t forget to charge your devices before the lights go out.
Dust off the good ole faithfuls – MonopolyTabooPictionary, Snakes and Ladders for some Look Up time!

Click here or here or here to more hurricane preparation tips to help you.


Most importantly – stay safe, Bermuda!  
After you’ve batten down, please check on your family members, neighbours, landlords, and tenants.


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