Can you believe it?!  I nearly got arrested!

In short…


…an unknown person delivered my good ole jitla (aka motorbike) and gave the wrong name.  My loving family member, not having developed a close relationship over the years with my two-wheeled friend and acting on their “something ain’t right” intuition, called the calvary.

Within a few moments, the troops were rounded up, on their way to hunt down these mysterious persons (and the owner, aka me!), and take hostage my motorized friend!  Gasp!

Thank goodness for Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell!
A simple phone call halted the advancement of the troops and saved the day (though, much would’ve been avoided had my beloved been accepted into the family when first introduced…such is life…)



Don’t have such a loving, protective, fast-acting relative with widespread contacts in your life?
Do not fear.

Here are 3 ways to create your own security system, at no extra cost:



Introduce your mechanical BFF to those living within your household.  Yes, they see you come and go but do they know your vehicle?  Can they pick it out in a lineup?


With today’s modern technology and the number of people with a smartphone glued to their face, you would think this would be the first reaction.  Snap a picture of the licence plate and the person.  Send it to other household members for verification before calling the posse of men in your family or the police.


So, if indeed it ends up being a setup of some sort, you don’t want to interrupt possible evidence.  Keep your fingerprints at bay and call the authorities immediately.


Trespassing and intrusion is becoming more bold and creative.  Protect yourself and your belongings.  Find preventative tips from the Bermuda Police Service here.


By following through with these tips, you are now on your way to creating your very own inner security circle 🙂


P.S.  The saga continues…after all of this, you’re not going to believe what happened next…stay tuned to next week’s e-blast


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