Who is your neighbour’s tenant?  Everyday you see a different person entering or leaving the front door.

Increasingly, people are becoming more creative with their options for earning income.  Real estate is not exempt.

Sharing a house with other persons is not uncommon.  Ask your parents or grandparents.  It was normal to have several extended family members living under the same roof.

However, today’s definition of house sharing extends beyond familial relationships.  In particular, house sharing is quite common with non-Bermudian employees.  But, is it legal?

Tenants with separate lease agreements yet living within the same residential unit may be considered boarders or lodgers and the actual unit may be considered a boarding house or common lodging house.  In such cases, dependent upon the number of occupants, the residential unit may need to be registered as a rooming house in accordance with the Public Health Act 1949.  Failing to register may lead to a fine of up to $3,000.  Speak with your attorney for further information.


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