Are you running into the same uneasy situations and arguments with each new tenant?


Do you take a deep breath every time you see your tenant’s name pop up on your phone?


Are you tired of your tenants finding loopholes in your lease agreement that are leaving holes in your pockets?


Protect yourself!  Get your peace of mind back!


Include these 10 Key Clauses in your next lease agreement and stop wasting time and money going back and forth starting today!

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PRG 10 Keys Missing From Lease Agreements Guide

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Are renting for the first time and want to avoid the horror stories shared by family members and friends

Have wasted too much energy trying to talk their way through issues with tenants

Are nervous about how to respond to tenant complaints for fear of breaking the lease or legal action

Want to manage their rental unit like a business and craft a professional lease agreement that covers often overlooked landlord/tenant matters

You’re not renting out your apartment for ‘fun’.

You depend on your tenant’s rent.

Without it, you put your mortgage (and credit!) at risk, school fees are left unpaid, late payment notices pour in – your lifestyle is disrupted!

So, you stay quiet when issues are reported.
You place your rights to the side for the sake of avoiding any possible disruption to the inflow of rent.
You complain to your partner and friends about your tenant’s frequent complaints but reply with a friendly ‘Okay; whatever you wish’ type of answer to your tenant.

You can’t reference your lease for help because it is too basic or doesn’t have the verbiage to address the issues that keep cropping up with each new tenant.

You’re beginning to wonder if being a landlord is even worth it anymore.

Yes, the extra income is good, but having to deal with the tenant issues that come along with it is beginning to weigh on you.

Don’t throw your hands up and call it quits, just yet.

Our 10 Key Clauses Missing From Lease Agreements Guide points out key clauses that every landlord needs to include within their lease agreement to cover tenant issues before they arise.

Include these key clauses in your lease agreement and start your next landlord/tenant relationship with:
• more peace of mind,
• the right clauses to refer to should an issue arise, and
• more confidence in knowing that your agreement has more protection for you.

Platinum Realty

We were referred to Platinum Realty. They were great! We used them to secure a tenant for our first unit and again for our second unit. They drafted a comprehensive agreement and matched the right tenants for us and our units!

S. Crockwell, Bermuda

Connecting with Tamika (at Platinum Realty) has been great! She is helping me to start investing in real estate and is checking all of the boxes to make sure I am covered before I start investing. I am looking forward to investing in my first rental property!

D. Tinsley, New York (USA)

Platinum Realty is top notch! They manage our units and cover everything from A to Z. We haven't had a tenant issue since having them on-board.

Long-term landlord client, Bermuda

Already have a tenant in place?

Simply, add these key clauses at the time for renewal or as an addendum to your current lease agreement.

Don’t let your fear of ‘rocking your rental income boat’ keep you living with an uneasy feeling, shrinking, or avoidance when addressing your tenant’s issues.

End the back-and-forth emails, unnecessary disputes, grey areas, and misinterpreted messages.

Start living in peace.
Your tenant wants to live in peace, too.

Having a clear, agreed upon understanding is prized in developing a healthy landlord/tenant relationship.


Being a landlord is a rewarding experience, especially when you have a good lease agreement and the right responses for tenants in place.


…you will no longer resort to:
• FEAR-based responses to your tenant’s woes
• a basic, one-paged document with little to no protection for you as a landlord
• giving up at the hint of opposition from your tenant to previously agreed terms

INSTEAD, you will:
• feel more confident responding to your tenant’s requests
• have key clauses included in your revised lease agreement, ones that are often overlooked yet cause much of your unnecessary distress
• have more value packed within your lease agreement to protect you and represent you


Does a lease agreement end ALL tenant issues???

BUT, implementing these 10 Key Clauses will help you to convert tense, uncomfortable, ‘What Should I Say?!’ interactions into better written (& signed!) rental agreements that give you the confident responses needed to quash issues from growing into problems.


Stop reacting to every complaint.  Start responding using the key clauses from your upgraded lease agreement.


Special Introductory Offer – $29.

PRG 10 Keys Missing From Lease Agreements Guide







PRG 10 Keys Missing From Lease Agreements Guide

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