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Living Room Dollars

Around the world, more and more businesses are offering (making it mandatory, in some instances) work-from-home opportunities.


If anything, quarantine and sheltering in place helped to prep you for such a time as this!


Working from home can be one of the trickiest things.


You have Mr. Frigidaire calling your name every 10 minutes.


Ms. HBO is paging you every 45 minutes to catch up on your favourite shows.

Your children are interrupting your Zoom meetings.

And, don’t forget your friends and family who ‘pop by’ to drop off something and end up staying for hours.

Very little work gets done.



So.  What’s The Resolve?  Move out.

I’m not saying to move out completely, of course.

But, move out for the few hours a day needed to get your work done.



Rent your space by the hour, the day, … .

Think about it.


If you have a great space, such as:

– a huge living room that can be divided
– a den with its own entry
– views off of your family room
– a storage room equipped with electricity
– a spare bedroom with its own bathroom

You see.  It doesn’t have to be your living room, either.

It can be whatever space that is not being used that can help you to earn a few extra dollars.  And, you get to regulate the frequency and to whom, to your liking.


This idea isn’t for everyone.

Some of you may feel this is a stretch and get a bit uncomfortable with the thought of letting people anywhere new your home. Definitely understandable!

For others, you are welcoming the ideas to re-create your extra, seldom used spaces to make money for a few hours a day – safely!


So, why not rent it out to those persons needing a space away from home to work and get stuff done?


Do you get what I’m saying?  Ready to explore it more?


Let’s get started with the basics of what you need to convert your space into a day office with little to no money needed to be spent.

DESK + CHAIR – a given.
WIFI – a given.
PRINTER – add paper and ink cartridges for the win.
OFFICE SUPPLIES – basics such as stapler, tape, paperclips, and the like.
EXTRA CHAIRS – seating for their client meetings.
MINI FRIDGE – stock with a few bottles of water or juice for them and their clients.
DECLUTTERED AREA – remove your personal mark and present a clean, sanitized slate that may be used by others.
A PLANT – green is gold, helps to clean the air and add a pop of colour to your space.
A DOOR – yup.  Put a door on that space so they may work in privacy.
PPE – hand sanitizer, disposable masks, wipes, etc. on hand is a MUST.


And, that’s about it.

You now have a basic work space that you can rent out to friends, co-workers, or others.

What else would you add to convert your living room (or other seldom, never used space) into a day office that generates some cash for you?

I have a ton more ideas too – take your space from basic to bold and booked! 🙂


Do you need help pricing, finding, or booking such renters?

Reach out to me.

Let’s strategize your way to maximizing this season! 


That’s us! That’s Platinum Realty!

We hope these ideas and tips provided help you to turn your living room into a home office conversion that brings in dollars for you.

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