Ten days into ‘lockdown’.


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How is it going for you?



Someone asked, “Why are you so calm?”, “Why are you not worried, fearful?”.

Good question.

I learned from prior experiences.
Do you remember September 11th?
Silly question, right.

Well, I was caught up in that.

Stuck on an airplane.
Running through the airport and in the streets.
Planted in front of a TV watching dead body after dead body fall hundreds of feet.
Hearing the thuds.
Seeing body parts.
On repeat 24-7 for weeks.


Couple that with not knowing if my best friend’s fiancé was alive or dead and watching her pace back and forth frantically for hours and hours.

Add to that trying to figure out how to contact someone back home (all of the phone lines were down) wondering what the Premier was doing to get Bermudians the heck out of Dodge and ASAP!

What they showed in Bermuda was wayyy different from what was being aired and experienced day after day after day.

It didn’t end there.

I was due to be flying cross country to a conference.

It flashed on the screen that my flight was one of the flights for which an attempt had been thwarted.

If I didn’t think that fear was engulfing my world before then, it was certainly suffocating me at that point!

Fake news.  Real news.  It didn’t matter.  All of it had gripped me!

It had gripped me to the point that I didn’t travel for a year.  And, I was traveling monthly, at the time.


So, I know all about the F-word.

This is only one of a few stories that I am able to live to tell.


Yet, with each experience, I grew.

I fought back knowing that if I could come out of the prior experience, I could certainly come out from the one I was in.

So, my response changed.
I no longer reacted and frantically demanded immediate answers to quench the fear for the moment to every single thing.
I recognized.  I assessed.  I breathed.  I reflected.  I recalled.  I shifted.

The results were humbling.
I gained more insight into my Purpose.
Doors opened up for me that brought more revenue streams.
A venture was birthed that is now global.

All from unchaining myself from the tight grip of fear.


What past experiences have you survived to see today?

How are you shifting your perspective, your responses, your thoughts toward the now and the future?

Fear is present to make you reflect inward and choose wisely outward.

Reinvent it into a weapon for good today.



Oh.  I did travel again, a year later.
My first journey was to Africa 🙂 !


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BE STILL in your thoughts and what you choose to mediate on today.
Sit in silence.
Surround yourself with the sounds of nature.

Cleanse – your body, home, heart.
Build – your immune system, mind, relationships.
Map – out your dreams, goals.

BE STILL – in action…

Let’s continue to quench fear with wisdom.


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