(taken from Winter 2009 issue of Housewarming newsletter)


  • Soak your pure gold earrings in a capful of alcohol; dab your earlobes with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel or alcohol to help keep bacteria at bay
  • Promote hair growth – using your fingertips, massage peppermint essential oil mixed with sweet almond oil into your scalp weekly
  • Transform your look instantly – shape your eyebrows
  • Create an everyday handbag beauty pack – include a Q-tip, panty liner, cocoa butter stick, mints, hair elastic, bandaid, travel-size perfume, and tissues to start
  • Brighten up your face each morning after cleansing with a cold washcloth; cover your face for 10 seconds to help awaken your face for the day
  • Trade in your lotion for body oil; while skin is still moist, rub in your favourite body oil after your morning shower to keep your body glistening and moisturized throughout the day
  • Before you retire for bed, saturate your feet in Vaseline then cover with a pair of thick socks for baby soft feet in the morning


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