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“”If you have a two year lease with no breakage clause and the dollar amount expected by the end of the two years is written out, what happens if you need to break the lease due to personal or emergency circumstances?”


Platinum Realty answers the question:

In most cases, the type of ‘breakage’ clause being referenced by this tenant is included in a lease for certain sectors of the community i.e. foreign nationals on a work permit basis, employees of the landlord residing in the landlord’s apt, etc..

Otherwise, a tenant is expected to complete the lease they’ve agreed to and are liable for the entire term (and amount due) of the lease. 

Options that may be available to you would be:
(1) discuss your new circumstances with your landlord and seek leniency to the agreed lease terms and/or
(2) with your landlord’s permission/approval, find a tenant to complete the rest of the term of your lease.


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