How Much Can You Afford?


Our real estate calculator will help you determine loan/mortgage amounts and help you to decide your buying power.

Simply, complete the fields below and watch the graphs auto-calculate your estimated monthly mortgage payments.


NOTE FOR BERMUDIANS:  Debt service ratios currently used vary between 50% and 75%, depending on the financial institution you are currently working with to obtain a mortgage/loan.  Speak with your loan officer for further details.



PURCHASE PRICE – the price or your offer price for the property you desire to purchase

DOWN PAYMENT – the amount of cash you are willing to pay towards the purchase of the property

INTEREST RATE – the rate that the bank will charge you for interest for the amount of money you are seeking to borrow

AMORTIZATION PERIOD – the number of years the bank is giving you to pay back the amount of money you are seeking to borrow

START AFTER – the date for when you will start your mortgage payments

ANNUAL PROPERTY TAX – the total amount of tax you will pay for the property each year

ANNUAL PROPERTY INSURANCE – the total dollar amount that you will pay to insure the property each year

MONTHLY CONDO FEES – the total dollar amount that you pay to your Condominium Association or Homeowners Association each month.  NOTE:  Some condo fees are paid quarterly, twice a year, or annually.  If so, divide the total paid in a year into equal monthly amounts and enter it here. (This fee only pertains to condominium buyers)

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) – the total amount of insurance paid per year, as a percentage of the total loan amount.  This amount is usually between 0.5% and 3%.


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