Ahhh, weddings!  Aren’t they beautiful?!

Two people from different worlds seeing beyond the scars, the not-so-good things to focus on the beauty in each other – the hopes, dreams, and love – all in the name of becoming one.  Beautiful!  Right?!

As we know, marriages have their ups and downs – you are forever discovering something new about your spouse.  As you grow older, change is inevitable.  Your spouse may no longer be that sassy and energetic young thing.  But, they may be more faithful and supportive.  Your patience and ability to be spontaneous may be dwindling with the demands of bill payments and long hours at work.  But, you make sure to think ahead and plan for the potential what-ifs and meet the needs of your loved one in the now.

Things have changed from day one.

Things aren’t too far removed in a Tenant-Landlord marriage, either.

Prospective tenants show up with their best foot forward to meet you for the very first time.

Smiles are broad. Compliments are plenty.  Follow-up requests are made to prove to you that they’re the perfect one for you.  Maybe even a little white lie is told here or there to make sure they win your heart.

Landlords spruce up for this interesting blind date too.

The grass is cut to make it easy for the prospects to make their way to them.

A fresh coat of paint is whipped up to cover the scars from prior relationships.

Candles are lit and the lights are soft to set the tone for this hasty or long-awaited meeting – only they know the real reason for this pending marriage.

Beautiful, right?

Each one approaching a new relationship with limited knowledge yet being willing to take the leap and trust and be trusted to stay for the long-haul.

Get the rice and rose petals ready – we’re having a wedding!

Well, as we know, not all marriages make it for the long-haul.

Those well-spoken vows that were confirmed with a signature, are now a fading memory.

Some marriages take a major dive during the honeymoon phase.

Some hit road bumps along the way yet still keep going.

Others, satisfy themselves that the little white lies from the start are not so little and that the glorious first impressions were just masks to major issues.

So.  What pray-tell, do these two once smitten people do?

Seek counsel.

A Property Manager with their counsellor hat on is ideal.  Why?  They’re experienced.  They’re disconnected from the union, in a sense, yet can be quite instrumental to bringing the two together.

They know what questions to ask to even determine if this union is in the best interest of both parties.

They look beyond the halos, butterflies, and heartbeats to try to match, at best, for the goals of each party.

They dig beyond the desperate pleas to be picked and picked now by the prospective tenants and beyond the needs to have someone and have someone now by the landlord.

Yes, a Property Manager counsellor can satisfy the immediate needs of both and say and do what each person wants to hear and see.

But, is this best for all?

Yeah, the stars and moons may be aligned for the first couple of months but what about when another layer of each’s personality is revealed in month nine?  Still aligned?

As a Property Manager counsellor, each party is given the tools to see the best in the marriage, communicate well, and even breakup in a manner where both understand and accept – minus the drama.

Why not book a consultation with a Platinum Realty Property Manager counsellor today?  Add necessary and key tools to your toolkit, should you decide to manage your own property.

Or, seek a one-on-one session to enlist a Platinum Realty Property Manager‘s services to handle the delicate Tenant-Landlord marriage responsibility on your behalf.

We bring over 25 years of property management experience.  Let us assist you with honouring the vows of your Tenant-Landlord union.

Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation to discuss your Property Management needs.

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