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Sacrifice: Money or Time

You see it!

Your mind can’t rest as you see what you’ve been dreaming about finally becoming a possible reality.

Exciting times, right?!

But, there’s only one thing.


Yeah; that one thing.

There’s not enough of it.

To get more will mean you have to pay back more.

It may mean sacrificing other dreams and goals to focus solely on this one goal to see it come to fruition.

Are you ready for that sacrifice?


Then, how about the other thing.


Are you prepared to sacrifice time?

So, you may not have enough funds to make it happen right away, but you may have the time to dedicate toward making it happen, instead.  Or, at least, you are willing to sacrifice time to make it happen.

You see, when we want something bad enough, we will do whatever we have to do to make it happen.

We will:
• change jobs
• downsize homes
• cook more, eat out less
• change friend circles
• exercise more

We will make a decision and act on it.


So, whether you choose to sacrifice money or sacrifice time, it starts with a decision.

The beauty with sacrificing money is that you (hopefully!) wisely chose others who are more gifted than you in specific areas needed to make your dream happen.

Let’s look at renovating your house, as an example.

If you have no contracting skills, then hiring a professional contractor is a great decision.  They will know what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done efficiently.  They can coordinate other needed contractors, speak the lingo, handle the disputes and misunderstandings.  They know what materials and how much to purchase, what are good replacements when your first choice isn’t available.

They know their stuff!

And, it comes with a cost.  MONEY.

No quality contractor is going to commit to give their all without being properly compensated for it with an amount that is to their liking – not yours.

They know what to do and can get it done swiftly.

The downfall with sacrificing money is that one often exhales and distances themselves from the journey of the dream as they believe ‘it’s being handled’.  This leaves much room for things to be done that you normally may not be in agreement with.

You’re overcharged for work or unnecessary materials.

Improper techniques are overlooked, only to bring you headaches down the road.

The door is left wide open for your dream to become a nightmare down the road.



Maybe you cannot afford , right now, the quality contractor you are seeking to work.

Maybe their price is well out of your budget but you know that you will get your money’s worth.

They may have a long waitlist and you do not want to consider another.

So, what do you do?

You gain skills!

No; this doesn’t mean that you quit your job and become an understudy of a general contractor.

But, it does mean becoming more knowledgeable through hands-on skill development.

Choose.  Or, it will chose you.


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