summer is coming


I broke a cardinal rule this past weekend!  Gasp!


I went overboard before May 24th!!  Crazy, right?!

Well, if the weather is any indicator of what’s to come, I’m sure others will be joining me in the ocean-blue before our national holiday arrives.

Don’t get caught out for the summer.

Start today with these five simple ways to get your home in order for the summer.

Schedule A/C maintenance

There is nothing worse than a sweltering summer day, your A/C is blowing hot air, and your A/C technician is booked for the next couple of weeks!  Before those days arrive, schedule maintenance of your interior and exterior A/C units now.

Touch up

If you’re planning on showing your home to potential renters and buyers or if you are planning on entertaining over the summer, spruce up what prospects and guests see first.  Head to your favourite paint store and buy a can of touch up paint and a few brushes.  Add a fresh coat to your boundary walls, patio floors, and entry walls/doors.  A great way to welcome others to your home.

Deep clean

Now’s a good time to hire a professional cleaner or pull out your bucket and scrub brush.  The winter winds brought in more than just a cool breeze and much has probably settled behind appliances, furniture, and in your rugs, drapery, and grout lines.  Start the summer off fresh with a deep cleaning of areas often overlooked.  Don’t forget those ceiling fans.

Inspect and Repair

Take the weekend to go around your house and reseal windows and doors.  Replace screens to keep the unwanted summer guests, aka mosquitos and flies, at bay. Check your water tank for any cracks and necessary cleaning.  Have a contractor check the stability of your balcony railings before your summer barbecue nights kick off; better to be safe than sorry.

Tend to the yard

Ants and cockroaches are here for good.  So are the centipedes, for those who live in the east end of the island.  We may not be able to completely eliminate them but we can limit their access within our homes.  In addition to replacing screens and sealing windows and doors, as mentioned above, have the pest control company add an additional barrier around your home before they multiply and seek out the comfort of your home this summer.

I hope these tips help you to get ready for what is looking like a hot and long  summer!

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