Home Hangover recovery, that is

I don’t know about you but I had (and am still having!) a fabulous summer!

My house and car are probably not too pleased, though! 🙂

Stuff is everywhere!  A noodle here.  A swim top there.  Leftover chips and dip over there?!  Friday night’s outfit somewhere around here??

It’s time to shape up the home!

 summer hangover recovery

3 Simple Tips for Summer Home Hangover Recovery


1.  Grab some boxes and get to sorting.  Box 1 for trash.  Box 2 for wash.  Box 3 for storage.  Don’t try to tackle everything in one day or even two days.  Label and position multiple boxes throughout the house – near the entry, bedrooms, and bathrooms are good spots.   Each weekend, tackle one box.  Come the end of September, you’ll be on your way to an organized house.


2. Turn off the A/C and air it out.  If you’ve had a house full of guests and pets steadily throughout the summer, your house may not exactly be smelling like crisp linen and peaches!  Open the windows and doors evenings and switch on the fan.  Try this tip to create a natural cleansing aroma


3.  Host a cleaning parteee! 🙂  Who says cleaning has to be a weekly death warrant?  Fire up the BBQ.  Line up the buckets and dust rags.  Pump up the tunes.  Many hands make light work.     Here’s a handy cleaning tool that everyone may use.

End result – a sparkling home filled with laughter and good company –
always a plus!


Feel free to share your ideas on how you get your home back into the swing of things after a long summer filled with fun.


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