So, I didn’t get arrested.  Yayyy!

But, Betsy got stolen! 🙁 …the saga begins…again…

Keep in mind, good ole Betsy was delivered home because of illness, mechanical illness, that is.  She’s currently in recovery 🙁  Thanks in advance for your sympathy – appreciated…sigh…

Well, some brilliant wanderer(s) became so attracted to my lovely ailing Betsy that they decided to capture her heart and run for the hills!


Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get too far.

I’m talking only a few yards away, yet far enough for no one to recognize her and bring her home!  So much for family acceptance and bonding!

What have we learned?

First, make sure your delivery person locks your bike before they leave!

Next, try some of the below ideas to
create a security trap for the wandering bandits in your area:


BEWARE OF DOG!  Purchase a couple of oversized dog bowls and place them sporadically throughout your yard or near your front door.

SOUND THE ALARM!  Attach a noisemaker to the wheels, handle bars, or seat of your bike.  Any movement will trigger an audible alarm.  A toddler’s toy may do the trick.

PARK in a secure area.  Setup motion detectors that light up the entire area.  Such glow is sure to awaken someone nearby and cause a stir to window peeping.

LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOURS.  Become acquainted with your neighbours, especially those that spend much time at home during the hours you’re not.  They may help keep an eye out for you and bring up any unusual activity in your next ‘over the fence’ conversation.

PLACE BOOBY TRAPS.  Yup.  Booby traps.  MacGyver-style, of course.  Place them near to your outdoor possessions.  Click here and here for some ideas.  And click here for what NOT to do.


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