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UK - Time to Buy!

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As you found out early this morning, BREXIT it is…what does this mean for you, Bermudian investor?

TIME TO BUY  If Bermudian property prices are out of your price range, consider crossing the pond and investing in a reasonable flat.  The pound’s value has dropped, naturally, after such a pivotal political moment in the UK.  And, it may or may not continue to drop given many other factors such as PM Cameron resigning, a final law to be enacted based on the referendum results, and so forth.


REALLY?  NOW?!  Some may question, “Why invest in a nation who’s currency is decreasing?  What value will my new investment have going forward?”  My answer: Buy low, sell high.  Too often, uneducated investors wait until many others have made a wise decision only for their decision to be unwise by the time it’s made.


SO, WHAT DO I DO NOW? Research your desire to purchase property internationally.  Track the sale prices of homes in areas of choice.  Assess your current financial situation and lending options available to you locally and in the UK.  Have a plan for your investment.


It’s still early.  The decision for change – such a major change – is less than 24-hours old.
But, it is never too early to start planning.


Uncertain?  A bit excited about the option?  Want further assistance?
Contact us at Platinum Realty to schedule a consulting appointment.

Or, click here for a brief synopsis, courtesy of CNN.


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