History shows that the end of August through to October is the period where Bermuda, particularly, experiences the most hurricanes.

With so many DO THIS, DO THAT tips out there, what really works when riding out a major storm – island-style?

Here are some tips that have worked for us with our properties over the years:

SHUTTERS – Get them.  Get them for your windows and doors, if possible.  They provide a layer of protection against flying debris and the constant pressure of strong winds from damaging your glass-paned windows.  Yes, nailing/screwing in sheets of plywood is good but over time, the constant installation and removal of nails/screws wears away those areas of your exterior walls.

FURNITURE – Move them about the room.  Use sofas, mattresses, dressers – large and sturdy pieces of furniture – as interior protection.  For example, if your window or door gets blown in (or out), these pieces, if propped up against these areas in advance, can help block further damage such as the onslaught of water damage and/or flying glass to the interior of your property.

TO CRACK A WINDOW OR NOT CRACK A WINDOW – We are divided here.  Many years ago, I personally experienced a ‘crack a window tip’ major failure during a hurricane and saw roof and more say ‘bye-bye’.  Since which, we shut the entire property down and have not experienced any such damage since.  However, one thing that we have done over the years is to leave my windows and doors on the opposing side of the oncoming winds open as long as possible until the storm is quite close.  Then, we shut the entire property down.  On the other hand, others swear by having at least one window in a room or area that is secluded cracked.  Where your house is located – in the fall, high on a hill, waterfront – plays a role as well.  Your call.

INVEST – Make the investment in high quality products and fittings.  After the damage experienced many years ago, we made the investment to install some of the best doors and windows out there.  Don’t forget your fittings as well!  We installed bolt-style latches versus the traditional catch style for our shutters which would take some magic for a storm to unlatch them.  It has proven to be a very wise decision many years later! 

TAKING IT INSIDE – Storms are great times to bond with others within your household, get chores done, clear clutter, and more.  Save your electronics’ battery life and try being productive during the passing of the storm.  Pull out that basket of clean clothes and start folding, dust off the board games, declutter closets and drawers, clean your light fixtures and ceiling fans, or talk to your children about their dreams and/or the family legacy plan.  

HAVE A POST PLAN – One thing I’ve noticed in my neighbourhood over the years is that no time is wasted after the storm has passed.  Lawn mowers, rakes, and trash bags are out at the crack of dawn and trucks are lined up to take the debris as soon as roads are cleared for access.  This is often possible because a plan is made ahead of the storm.  Try scheduling your landscaper or trucker in advance for a service soon after the storm passes to help get cleanup underway.  This allows you more time to assist others with their cleanup too.

We bring over 25 years of property management experience.  Let us assist you with assessing your property for ‘weathering the storms’ and in developing a property management plan today.

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